Dechen Chöling

The meditation center Dechen Chöling is for many of its visitors a magical place to which they like to return. After two years of forced break by Corona, this year a summer program took place again: “Gathering of The European Sangha”. During this time, as a thank you, the idea for a video was born, which conveys the mood of Dechen Chöling during the Gathering.

With this page and the offered pictures, I would like to support Dechen Chöling, because it can use financial support well. Hereby I start this donation collection campaign for Dechen Chöling: For each A4 print of Dechen Chöling motifs purchased here, I collect 25 euros for Dechen Chöling. The pictures on this page were taken in 2018 during our first stay in Dechen Chöling. Pictures that I do not yet offer here in the store can be found in the gallery. If you want more information write me an email.

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