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Karsten Götz, Mixed Media 2015 – 2020


Abstract art and alchemy. Karsten Götz presents acryl painting and mixed media: I would like to invite you to visit my virtual 3D gallery. You can visit the gallery any time – and there are dates I’ll be there for conversation, too.
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You can download a PDF-Catalogue of my works, too.


During the past 5 years my work turned into abstract art. The history of alchemy is fascinating me for a while and i found links between abstract art, spirituality and alchemy. Transforming material is a transformation of mind, this idea has become a part of my art. Creating as encrypted transformation. I call this CUT, CRUSH, CONDENSE.

A process chain, 2018


rhythm, 2016

First i start to deconstruct forms. The pictures look like forms or bodies cut into pieces and then combined, creating new organism or unknown landscapes. It is an abstract experiment to find harmony out of chaos and destruction. The therm alchemy starts to become a part of my creation process.

Homunkulus, 2016
Sanctum Sanctorum, 2016


Broken 2, 2019

I am reading books about alchemy and art and start to see parallels between the artists and the alchemic attitude. I overpaint pictures, cut pictures in pieces with a knife and arranged the parts to new absract pictures. I use fotos and CGI as tools in my process. Making collages, mixing materials like plaster, chalk, carton, glue and different kinds of color – and see it as an laboratory.

Alphabet der Freude, 2019
Silber, 2019
Kristall, 2019


Aqua, 2019

My view is getting advanced and clearer. I give more contrast between forms, materials and colors. Geometric forms, circle, square and triangle stand against and beside structure, material and color. Inspired by the path of an alchemist I see painting as a spititual path. Transform materials is like transforming the mind. Wait and contemplate is the base of painting.

Harlekin, 2020
Zwei Halbkreise abseits des Geschehens, 2020
Vier Dreiecke, 2020
Kreissegment in sieben Teilen, 2020


Where will this journey go to? I’ve experimented with abstraction. Combining different fields and interests alway has been a part of me. I don’t want to seperate abtract and figurative art, instead i would like to combine. I want to bring more digital creation to painting, too. And this virtual space is still missing video And music. Let’s see what will happen 🙂 Thank you to be a part on this journey.

The past
Painting right now
The future