6 stages

6 stages

February 2020
A homage to MK Čiurlionis in six chalk pictures.

Etappen - Der Abschied

The good bye A start into the unknown.

Etappen  - Hinterm Horizont

Beyond the horizon Curiosity outweighs fear.

What is it about

The six chalk pictures were created based on MK Čiurlionis Triptichon "The Journey of the King's Son". Čiurlionis, who worked as a composer and painter, found an early abstraction in some of his pictures and, on the other hand, is close to symbolism. Stages are sections of a journey, and similar to the three stages in “The Journey of the King's Son”, my journey shows departure, testing and arrival. Formally, I play with forms that Čiurlionis has shaped in his pictures through his synaesthesia. The pictures are also an echo of my collection Cut, crush, condensein which I follow the traces of abstraction.

My homage to Čiurlionis is also a homage to the early history of abstraction.

Etappen - Versuchung

temptation Discoveries off the beaten path

Etappen  - Das Ziel

The goal The efforts of straightforwardness

Etappen  - Nach hause

Home Home is a warm bed.

Making of

The pictures were created in a session with chalk powder on a board painted with blackboard paint. Brush strokes and blurring emerged in quick succession. I constantly photographed and recorded the steps, then wiped - or blurred - the board and looked for new shapes. It was a game of action, also a little calligraphic - in any case, impulsive and fast.

The processing of the pictures was done later, digitally. Here I used the iPad using the app ProCreate. This combination enables me not to lose touch with the action while working digitally. It amazes me again and again how much joy such a digital painting studio can bring. Since the work is digital, I can only present it digitally or as a print.

Etappen  - Das Lied

The song A melody tells about it.

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