Alchemy and abstraction: Cut, Crush, Condense

Alchemie und Abstraktion: CUT, CRUSH, CONDENSE

Abstract art and alchemy: my preoccupation with painting led me to abstraction in the years 2015 to 2020 and to the realization that there is a closeness between abstraction and alchemy. I feel this relationship in my pictures.

What happened until now…

In den Jahren 2015 bis 2020 führten mich zur Abstraktion in meinen Bildern. Ich war fasziniert von der Entdeckung, das die Entstehungsgeschichte der Abstraktion eng mit der Geschichte spiritueller Strömungen zusammenhängt. Auch die Alchemie ist eine dieser Strömungen und wiederum selbst in der Geschichte eng mit der Malerei verbunden. Der Kerngedanke der geistigen und materiellen Transformation fand Einzug in die Bilder. Für den Prozess, bei dem die Form ständig dekonstruiert und neu gesetzt wird, habe ich den Titel „Cut, Crush, Condense“ gewählt.

Abstrakte Kunst und Alchemie: A process chain 2018
A process chain, 2018


rhythm, 2016
Homunculus, 2016

In the beginning there was a deconstruction of organic forms. Bodies and organisms were dismantled and reassembled into new, unknown forms. The balance between disintegration and context sometimes creates disturbing body landscapes.

Sanctum Sanctorum, 2016


Broken 2, 2019

After researching the history of abstract painting and alchemy, the topic solidified and I expanded the method. I painted over pictures, cut pictures into pieces to rearrange them. I also used photos and CGI tools in my experiments and saw some similarities between painting and alchemy. Pictures and collages made of paper, lime and plaster of paris, glue and various coloring agents - the artist searches like an alchemist in his laboratory.

Alphabet of Joy, 2019
Silver, 2019
Crystal, 2019


Aqua, 2019

Towards the end of this period the images became clearer and there was more contrast between the materials and the colors. Circles, squares, triangles and simple shapes combined with structures, textures and colors. If the path of the alchemist was a path of spiritual purification, this can perhaps also be carried over to the process of picture-making. Transforming material is also transforming the mind - and waiting became an important ingredient. Wait and see what happens.

Harlequin, 2020
Two semicircles away from the action, 2020
Four triangles, 2020
Circle segment in seven parts, 2020

The future

And where does it lead trip there? Even if the pictures can be clearly assigned to abstraction in the end, a separation between abstraction and figuration is actually "artificial" for me. Combining different means has always appealed to me - and I'm currently excited about the use of digital means. Wherever the journey goes - these images are part of the journey.

The past
Painting right now
The future
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